Bridging wealth gaps and empowering global participation

Avacatx bridging the gap.

In an age where traditional avenues of wealth generation seem increasingly inaccessible, meme tokens represent the democratisation of investment opportunities, allowing anyone with an internet connection to participate in the market.


A total of 100 trillion $CATX tokens will be minted all at once, and no further tokens will ever be created. By restricting the minting process to a single occurrence, we aim to maintain scarcity and provide a stable foundation for the value of the $CATX tokens. This fixed supply model is designed to prevent inflation and encourage long-term holding.


The $CATX token features an in-built token burning system that activates with each transaction. This mechanism gradually reduces the total supply and creates a deflationary effect. By decreasing the number of tokens in circulation, the burning system supports steady market value growth. This controlled reduction in supply enhances the scarcity.


Locking liquidity prevents rug pulls and promotes investor trust by ensuring continuous access to liquidity for token holders. This measure safeguards investor interests and reinforces the integrity and reliability of the $CATX token ecosystem.


Renouncing ownership promotes decentralization by making the token contract immutable. This prevents any future alterations, ensuring the $CATX token operates securely and transparently, thereby fostering greater trust among the community and investors.

Cryptocurrencies decentralize financial power and redistributes it among individuals.
— Saifedean Ammous, The Bitcoin Standard


Focusing On What Matters Most

Grumpy is done with the endless list of rugpulls with all those copy paste of Shiba, Doge, WIF and Bonk coins.

The Dogs craze has had its fun.
It's time for the OG meme to take back the throne as the true ruler of the internet!

Avacatx are here to bring the fun back to memecoins. Fixed supply fully minted, burning system to make it deflactionary and LP locked, $CATX is the people's coin, forever and always. Fueled by the purrr power, and social media buzz, welcome to the promised land of fun and fortune!

Grumpy Cat about dogs coins


Mention worthy listings

One small step for a kitty, one giant leap for feline-kind! Our courageous cats embark on adventures that echo through history. As they conquer new heights and explore uncharted territories, their daring spirit inspires us all!


Our journey

Follow our paw-some milestones and furtastic goals as we dominate the world of meme tokens. Our roadmap is as flexible as a cat's leap, allowing us to adapt and pounce on new opportunities. With each step, we'll claw our way to success, ensuring that our clowder stays ahead of the curve. Stay tuned for exciting updates, whisker-twitching developments, and the unveiling of new features that will make every feline in our community purr with delight.


Purr 1:

Deploy the smart contract, mint the entire token supply, create liquidity pool, launch website and social media.

Community building

Purr 2:

Expand our kitty clan with fur-tastic social media purr-motions, claw-some airdrops and purr-ecious NFT surprises!

Market expansion

Purr 3:

Expand our territory by listing on multiple scratch posts and exchanges. Purr more trades and fish for bigger returns!

World takeover

Purr 4:

Design and develop a suite of de-dog-tralized (but cat-tralized) applications to boost investors' purr-sperience.